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IWW Endorsement of the London Cleaners Struggle Solidarity Day of Action

Filed: 11/3/2011 Status: PASSED: 11/3/11

Whereas an appeal for solidarity has been made by the London Delgates Committee and Allied Industries Branch of IU640, IWW in their struggle with the City of London Corporation, Guildhall, recently taken over by the global corporation, Sodexo and,

Whereas this takeover took place in the midst of the IU640 Branch's negotiations, complicating talks over the suspension and possible dismissal of an IWW representative, lack of employer response to outstanding grievances related to abusive practices and poverty wages and,

Whereas, many of the IU640 members there are from countries in Latin America, where Sodexo is a notorious labor and human rights violator, especially in Colombia,

Therefor, be it resolved that the General Executive Board of the Industrial Workers of the World calls on Fellow Workers to stand with the London Cleaners IU640 International Day of action to call for: Respect at Work - No Victimisation - Living Wage. The London Cleaners ask Fellow Workers to demonstrate at Sodexo offices, please see: