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General Defense

Join the General Defense Committee

The General Defense Committee (GDC) is composed of the GDC Central with members around the world as well as GDC locals initiated by Industrial Unions, General Membership Branches, and other concerned individuals within the IWW, and GDC Regional Groups initiated outside of North America.

The General Defense Committee serves a vital purpose within the IWW and for working people everywhere. Committed to goals and aims of the union, the GDC is organized to act in defense of those who find themselves at odds with the bosses, the police, and the courts because of their commitment to their class.


Any member of the IWW in good standing may be a member of the GDC, but non-members who subscribe to the general principles and aims of the IWW and GDC may join as well.

All members must agree to abide by the regulations of the GDC, and the Constitution and regulations of the IWW; to study the principles contained therein; and make themselves acquainted with its purpose.

Initiation fees are $5, and dues are a low $5 per quarter (or $20) annually.

Initiation fees will be waived for anyone who has previously been a member of the GDC. All they need to do is send in their original card along with a dues payment of at least $5 for the current quarter; the original card will be sent back to you, along with a newly designed GDC card and membership number, as well as a GDC button and copy of the by-laws . . .

Anyone may, of course pay for additional quarters at $5 a quarter if they wish . . . $20 would take care of one's dues for a period of one year.


PLEASE NOTE - GDC Dues and Initiations are separate from IWW Dues and Initiations. Membership and dues in the GDC are not the same thing as Membership and Dues in the IWW itself. If you wish to Join the IWW or Pay IWW Dues, please do so separately.

How to Join the GDC

To Join by Mail:

How to Join the GDC:

  • Print this PDF File Application, follow the instructions, and return to the address listed on the form.

Pay Your GDC Dues Online

Make a one time payment here:

Initiation Fee and Dues Options


Set up a recurring payment here: