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IWW Organizer Trainings

The IWW offers an organizer training that was developed by a number of IWW members over many years of experience. As far as we know, this is the most comprehensive training program offered by a union for workers who are not union staff. It is an absolutely great way to familiarize yourself with basic organizing skills.


The training is usually a two day workshop lasting approximately 16 hours including breaks. Of course, you can't learn how to do everything in two days, but you can learn the basics and help avoid the kinds of mistakes that new workplace organizers tend to make. Normally, the branch or group of people hosting the training will provide a light breakfast and lunch, paid for by a modest registration fee. A handbook will be provided to record notes and fill in questions that are answered as the training progresses.

The training is designed to incorporate your real-life work situation to make it as realistic as possible and help tailor it to your needs. The point is to help you think through how to organize where you work or in campaigns currently happening in your branch. The tactics taught are based on successful organizing work over the last decade in the US and abroad, and the training is constantly being adapted to incorporate the latest experiences of direct action organizing.

How to get the training

Contact your nearest branch to find out when the next scheduled OT is, or contact the Organizing Department at:

  • E-mail - otc [at]

What previous attendees have said:

"Before we did a training, people at my workplace had no idea at all how to proceed."
"I found out the things I was doing right, and the things I was doing that would have been bad for my efforts."