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Motion passed by the New York City GMB of the IWW in Solidarity with Insurgent Workers of Thessaloniki

We, the New York City General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World--an international, rank-and-file labor union--enthusiastically express solidarity with the occupants of the central offices of the General Confederation of Labour of Greece and the Thessaloniki Trade Unions Center. The brave, and principled, actions of our working class brothers and sisters in Greece is an inspiration to us. We recognize that our struggle is one, and offer the fullest capacity of our solidarity and support.

In addition, we offer our condolences to the family, friends, and comrades of Alexandros Grigoropoulos, a 16-year old boy whose murder by the police last month triggered a widespread uproar from workers, students and the downtrodden throughout Greece. We also stand with Konstantina Kuneva, an immigrant worker in Athens who recently fell victim to a severe retaliatory attack while organizing for decent conditions for the workers of the Attica Union of Domestic Workers and Cleaners. Consistent with the demands of the occupants, we demand a full investigation of the attack with justice for the perpetrators, and that Konstantina's employers comply with the just demands of her union. We also call for an end to the abuse and lethal brutality of Greek law enforcement and reactionaries on working people, immigrants, and the youth.

The courage of the insurgent workers in Thessaloniki and the burgeoning movement throughout Greece has been inspiring. In spite of daunting repression, media distortion, and the passing of weeks, you have maintained your will, determination, and principled stance. New York City is cheering you on!

To all in Greece and throughout the world struggling for a new world based on justice, dignity, freedom, and solidarity, we are with you!

In Steadfast Solidarity,
NYC General Membership Branch
Industrial Workers of the World
PO Box 7430
JAF Station, NY 10116