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IWW Workers at Curbside Ready to Strike - Solidarity Needed

Everyone - Workers at Curbside recycling are bargaining over wages and benefits on their contract. This is to take effect starting Jan. 1.
We do not have an agreement yet. The Ecology Center, which runs Curbside has taken the position that any agreement in January will not be retroactive to Jan. 1.
Workers at Curbside have decided that unless they back down on this, they will strike on Jan. 1. A strike is not definite; management could still change its position on this, but we need to begin preparing for a strike now.
Anybody who can get out to Curbside first thing Friday, Jan. 2 first thing in the morning - your presence would be greatly appreciated. I think we need to start gathering at 6:30 a.m., but if people can only come later, this would be good too.
Call 510-845-0540 for details.