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ACT NOW - Veteran Wobbly at risk after 32 years on the job!

Fellow Workers:

Many of you know FW Greg Giorgio, a Wobbly with 18 years of dedicated service to our union.  Over the years, Greg has done much for and asked little from our labor union - from his stewardship of Wobbly art to participation in countless solidarity actions.

Now Greg needs some solidarity and he needs it urgently.  After announcing horse races at an off-track betting site for 32 years, Greg is set to be fired on Friday - only three years before his pension will fully mature.  He's being fired in retaliation for filing a labor charge against the company over excluding him from participation in collective bargaining.

Greg and his fellow workers in upstate New York are carrying out a series of actions steps, but they've asked us around the world to participate in an e-mail action at the following link:

Thank you very much for taking a moment now to add your voice for dignity.

In Solidarity,


P.S. If you'd like to communicate with FW Giorgio his e-mail is

Daniel Gross
IWW Starbucks Workers Union