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Autoworkers sit-down strike! - Please support this action, the jobs of 300 working people are on the line!

Workers in struggle, Barcelona, Spain
Workers at the Frape Behr factory in Barcelona have occupied their factory because of a company plan to fire 295 workers. The Behr company is in Stuttgart, Germany, and it specializes in manufacturing of car air conditioning and engine cooling systems. The need for solidarity by December 31 is urgent.

From CNT-AIT Barcelona we are supporting the workers of the Frape Behr factory (sister company of the german Behr) in Barcelona. Behr has reported a labour force adjustment plan (LFAP) to 50 workers and profit limits. For three months the workers have rejected this offer.

Up to now these workers, CNT, FTC-IAC, UGT, CCOO, are squatting in the factory to put pressure on the Government to reject this labour force adjustment plan.

Please send copies of your protest letters, as well as copies of distributed materials and pictures from solidarity actions, to the IWA Secretariat, so that a comprehensive list of activities can be made and forwarded to the comrades in struggle: Please contact the IWA Secretariat for any help that we could provide in your solidarity efforts. The phone number of the Secretariat (+381-63-263-775) is available non-stop, and they regularly check their email.

Please send protest letters or faxes, or make phone calls in support of the Barcelona, Spain, strikers to Behr company locations in the United States:
Behr America, Charleston SC [43 KB, PDF]
Behr Heat Transfer Systems, Inc.
4500 Leeds Avenue, Suite 201
Charleston, SC 29405-8521
Telephone 843-745-1233
Fax 843-745-1285
Behr America, Dayton OH [41 KB, PDF]
Behr Dayton Thermal Products
1600 Webster Street
Dayton, OH 45404
Telephone 937-224-2900
Fax 937-224-2915
Behr America, Troy MI [41 KB, PDF]
Behr America, Inc.
2700 Daley Drive
Troy, MI 48084
Telephone 248-743-3700
Fax 248-743-3701
Behr America, Fort Worth TX [54 KB, PDF]
Behr Climate Systems, Inc.
5020 Augusta Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76106
Telephone 817-624-7273
Telefax 817-624-3328
For more information and photos:

For Spanish readers, the CNT FRAPE union section has it's own web blog:
...and there is a forum here:
Both of these links have pictures.

Union supporters near Spanish consulates, embassies, or cultural centers are invited to conduct demonstrations. The list of Spanish consulates is available here:

Behr Corporation's website is:

Company information comes from: