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HELP NEEDED! -- Metro Owners file Temporary Restraining Order Against Fired IWW Union Worker


Today, owners of Metro Lighting and Crafts filed restraining order papers against fired IWW member as another attempt at breaking solidarity and picket lines. The restraining order sites an event that took place in May 2007 and requires that Gabe W. not be allowed to meet with fellow workers (even the 6 workers currently on strike!) and denies him the right to picket the store which fired him for union organizing.

Basically, this is another underhanded attempt by the owners to break union solidarity and try to stem lost business from the pickets.


Please show up to the picket lines this Saturday and show your support and solidarity with striking metro workers. Pickets will continue every Saturday from 12-5pm located at 2121 San Pablo Ave. just south of University in Berkeley.

If you aren't able to do that, please consider calling (1-888-METRO20) or emailing the owners ( and demand that they stop union-busting actions and reinstate fired union worker, Gabe W.