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Call For Proposals - Fall 2007

The Twin Cities branch of the Industrial Workers of the World has restarted the historic school known as the Work People’s College. We are dedicated to providing free, radical, and practical education to the working women and men of our communities, education that will further the aims of the working class revolution that we advocate as a union.

We are now accepting class proposals from prospective instructors for classes beginning in early October 2007. Instructors are not paid, except in gratitude for service to the struggle. We are looking specifically for classes in, but not necessarily limited to, the following areas:

  • History     (e.g., The Spanish Civil War, the 1934 Strike)
  • Vision        (e.g., Political Economy, Philosophy)
  • Culture        (e.g., Working Class Culture classes)
  • Organizing    (e.g., Direct Action, Social Mapping)

We intend to offer two full-length classes (approximately 6-8 weeks) this Fall. We are also willing to accept proposals for one-session workshops.

The Work People’s College has a dedicated committee that supports classes in arranging classroom space, photocopies, and audio-visual needs. One class should run on a weekend afternoon, and the other on a weekday afternoon or evening. Proposals should indicate preference and flexibility.

More information on the WPC and the proposals for classes can be found on our website,

Proposals should include:
  1. Class title
  2. Instructor name and contact information
  3. Class goals
  4. A syllabus of readings and class activities (examples are on the website)

The proposal requirement is not intended to restrict participation; we are willing to work with potential instructors to create a positive proposal. Contact us via our website.

Deadline for proposal submission:    August 15th, 2007
Send submissions to: erik <at> riseup <dot> net