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Shattuck Cinema Workers Go Union - Workers Say NO! To unjust work conditions, and demand management accountability

BERKELEY 8:30AM-- This morning workers at Landmark Shattuck Cinemas turned in authorization cards to the National Labor Relations Board, filing a certification petition for representation with the Industrial Workers of the World. Rising tensions at the Shattuck Cinemas over the year have pushed workers to demand an end to unfair working conditions and greater accountability from management.

“We're only asking for work conditions that are reasonable and humane. Management needs to start listening to our concerns and valuing its workers. We need our voice to be heard. It's time we had a union!” says Lauren Grady, cinema employee age 25.

23 out of 28 workers have signed authorization cards, the last straw in a long debate with management. Primary worker concerns include the recent revoking of worker privileges, lack of management accountability, inconsistent raise policies, inadequate breaks, all contributing to the increasingly hostile work environment at the Shattuck cinemas. Further source of tension lies in a worker wage cap at over three dollars less than the city standard.

“We treat moviegoers with the utmost dignity and respect, and we expect our employers to grant us the same courtesy,” says Nick Hubbard.

Shattuck cinema workers' discontent with Landmark corporate policy has grown over time, especially since its purchase by Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Landmark is a well-known art-house chain with a long established reputation for supporting progressive film. Whether management continues to uphold its progressive values is yet to be seen.

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