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Are you located outside of the United States of America?

You are welcome to join the IWW!  We are the Industrial Workers of the World after all!  

Besides the United States, there are IWW contacts located elsewhere.  Visit our directory page to find a list of official contacts.

If you do not see one listed there, please contact our Headquarters and our IWW's International Solidarity Commission.  In such a case, you may be the first potential IWW member in your country (or at least the first one in a long time).  If that is so, don't worry!  We will help you get started!. 

There are two IWW Regional Administrations-- One based in North America (NARA) and one based in Europe (WISE-RA: Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and England). If you are located outside of North American and closer to WISE-RA please visit to join.

You may also want to make use of these "Join the IWW" leaflets: