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IWW.ORG Graphics Library

These are (most) of the graphics used here on the main IWW.ORG websites. This index does not necessarily include graphics featured on independently maintained sites or virtually hosted domains. You are free to use, copy, or modify any of the images you find here, but you are ultimately responsible for their usage. The IWW is not responsible for your actions should you misuse any of these images.

Image Library

Anarchism - images used by anarchists.
Anarcho Syndicalist Review - graphics used by ASR.
Animated Graphics - images that move.
Background Images - textures, surfaces, and images.
Banners and Headers.
Book Covers.
Buttons and Navigation Bars
Cartoons and Comics - including images of Mr. Block.
Collectors Items
Compact Disc Album Covers.
Documents - including photocopies and posters.
Horizontal Bars - alternative page breaks to horizontal rules.
iu120 Lumber Workers Images.
iu330 Building Construction Workers Workers Images.
iu410 Textile and Clothing Workers Images.
iu440 Metal and Machinery Workers Images.
iu460 Foodstuff Workers Images.
iu510 Marine Transport Workers Images.
iu520 Railroad Workers Images.
iu530 Frieght Transport Workers Images.
iu540 Motor Transport Workers Images.
iu560 Electronic Communication Workers Images.
iu610 Health Care Workers Images.
iu620 Education Workers Images.
iu630 Recreational Workers Images.
iu640 Hotel, Bar, Restaurant, and Building Service Workers Images.
iu650 General, Legal, Public Interest, and Financial Office Workers Images.
iu660 General Distribution Workers Images.
iu670 Utility Service Workers Images.
IWW Globe Logos
Generic Labor Images
Marxist Images.
Objects - images of real objects.
Photographs - including color as well as black & white.
Portraits - images and photographs of specific individuals.
Sabocats - Images of the famous and ubiquitous IWW mascot.
Silent Agitators - both classic and modern IWW agitators.
Assessment Stamps - both classic and modern IWW stamps.
Syndicalist Images.
Generic Web Navigation Images.

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