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Department 600 - Public Service

Health Service Workers Industrial Union 610 

All workers employed in hospitals and health restoration services.

Incarcerated Workers Industrial Union 613

All incarcerated workers in the Prison Industry.

Educational Workers Industrial Union 620

All workers in educational institutions.

Recreational Workers Industrial Union 630

All workers in playgrounds and places of amusement and recreation. All professional entertainers.

Restaurant, Hotel, and Building Service Workers Industrial Union 640

All workers in facilities for public accommodation. All building service workers.

General, Legal, Public Interest, and Financial Office Workers Industrial Union 650

All workers in engaged in General, Legal, Public Interest, and Financial Offices, and Institutions that do not directly involve any other industry.

General Distribution Workers Industrial Union 660

All workers in general distribution facilities, wholesale and retail.

Municipal and Utility Service Workers Industrial Union 670

All workers engaged in the transmission, supply, and maintenance of gas, electric, water, and sewer services. All workers engaged in the collection and refining of disposable salvageable, and recyclable materials. All workers engaged in the maintenance of cemeteries, parks, streets, and highways.

Household Service Workers Industrial Union 680

All workers engaged in performing services in the home.

Sex Trade Workers Industrial Union 690

All workers employed as dancers and models, telephone sex workers, actors and other workers who use sexuality as the primary tool of their trade (excluding all agents of the boss class able to hire or fire, or possessing equivalent coercive or punitive power).