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Boston GMB By-Laws

Section 1. The Boston IWW constitutes a General Membership Branch with all the rights and responsibilities entitled by the IWW Constitution. Membership shall be by voluntary association of IWW members in good standing. A copy of these bylaws shall be made available to all Boston IWW members, and any other IWW members upon request.
Section 1. The Boston GMB shall meet on the second Sunday of every month; the meeting shall promptly start at 2:00pm and adjourn at 4:00pm. The meeting may be extended by means of a two-thirds vote by the membership for the specified meeting. Special meetings may be called by notifying GMB members by face to face contact, phone call, or e-mail. Meetings may be rescheduled by a majority vote.
Section 2. Meetings shall be open to all workers, though non-members can be excluded from any meeting by a majority vote of members in good standing. Voting privileges shall be reserved for IWW members in good standing, as defined by the IWW constitution.
Section 3. GMB Members attending branch meetings shall be eligible to take part in the business of the meeting if they are in good standing as defined by the IWW Constitution. If members wish to pay dues at the meeting, they should do so before the meeting is called to order or after adjournment.
Section 1. The Boston GMB shall elect a Secretary and a Correspondence Secretary, with all the rights and responsibilities as spelled out by the IWW constitution. The branch shall retain the right to combine the offices of Secretary and Correspondence Secretary into a single office.
(A.) Secretary: Keeps a regular accounting of all Boston GMB funds. Collects delegate reports with dues and submits them to General Headquarters every month. Keeps a record of delegate reports. Produces a monthly finance report. Retains the ability to sign checks and allocate funds as directed by the Boston GMB. All disbursements over 500 dollars must be endorsed by both the Secretary and the member assigned as the second signatory by the members of the Boston GMB. . Maintains a current list of members—their “X” numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses—and makes this contact list available to delegates and the Correspondence Secretary. Attends monthly GMB business meetings whenever possible.
(B.) Correspondence Secretary: Maintains contact with other IWW branches with particular focus on those in proximity to Boston. Attends monthly business meetings of the GMB or finds an alternate.
Section 3. The Boston GMB may create and elect any other officers by proposal and vote, and each additional officer shall be subject to the provisions of this article.
Section 4. All officers shall serve terms to begin on January 1st (or whenever elected) and end on December 31st.
Section 5. Officers may be recalled by majority vote of the membership. A recall vote may be held whenever 5 or more members of the GMB submit a petition for recall at a monthly and or special branch meeting.
Section 6. Any elected officer may resign at any time. A verbal announcement made by the resigning official at a GMB meeting or a written statement signed by that officer and one other IWW member in good standing shall be required to constitute an official resignation. If any officer resigns or is recalled, nominations to replace that officer shall take place at the next meeting and elections will take place at the following meeting.
Section 1. Eligible voters shall include all local IWW members in good standing as defined by the IWW constitution.
Section 2. Nominations shall be made at the regular November branch meeting. If a meeting does not take place in November, nominations will take place at the next meeting. Further nominations and elections shall be made at the meeting following the nominations meeting.
Section 3. All elections will be by secret ballot at a GMB regular or special meeting. Each member in good standing has one vote. Members can also vote in absentia by submitting a ballot to a delegate or officer in a sealed envelope.
Section 4. To be eligible for nomination a member must be in good standing and have joined the union at least 6 months prior to nomination.
Section 1. The Boston GMB may establish committees provided that set committees be required to report once a month to the local GMB. Committees may establish their own bylaws provided that these bylaws do not contradict the GMB bylaws or the IWW constitution.
Section 2. Branch members classified in the same Industrial Union are encouraged to form Industrial Union Branches (IUB's) as defined in the IWW Constitution.
Section 3: All official statements issued by subordinate committees of the Boston GMB bearing the name Industrial Workers of the World shall be subject to the formal approval of the Boston GMB. All official statements issued by the Boston General Defense Committee shall be subject to the formal approval of the GMB.
Section 1. Any and all voluntary assessments collected by the Boston GMB shall be promptly allocated to the projects for which they are intended, unless the committees responsible for such projects are found to be acting in a manner contradictory to the IWW constitution or these bylaws, or unless those committees request that the funds be held by the Boston GMB.
Section 2. All branch members who retain the ability to sign checks shall only do so in the event that the Secretary is unavailable for endorsement, or if a check requires two signatories.
Section 1. These bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of eligible voters as defined in Article IV Section 1.
Section 2. Amendments to the bylaws may be proposed at the regular December branch meeting. If a meeting is not held in December, amendments may be proposed at the next meeting. In other cases, members must be given at least one month notice prior to a meeting at which a vote to amend these bylaws will be held.
Last revision – July 2011