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Industrial Worker—Spring 2017 #1779 Vol. 114, No. 2

Organize and Mobilize!

In this issue:

  • May Day mass action—'Strike from Below': Service workers in the U.S. South united in a general strike for the rights of workers, immigrants, Black Lives, Muslims, and all the other targets of the Trump Administration.
  • Look to the past to escape Trump's present: 1946 was the last year of the great general strikes. Trump plans to undo every workers' gain since the 19th century. We need to look back to the lessons from Oakland.
  • Coat-hanger direct action: The best action is direct action. Sometimes keeping things simple works best in a complicated society.
  • Momentum builds for May Day strikes: All around the U.S., workers are responding to assaults on rights—not from the bosses but from the government.

. . . and more!

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