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Department 500 - Transportation and Communication

Marine Transport Workers Industrial Union 510

All workers engaged in marine transportation. All workers on docks and in terminals.

Railroad Workers Industrial Union 520

All workers engaged in long distance railway freight and passenger transportation and telecommunication. All workers in locomotive, car, and repair shops. All workers in and around passenger and freight terminals.

Motor Transport Workers Industrial Union 530

All workers engaged in hauling freight and passengers by truck, bus, and cab. All workers in and around motor freight sheds, and bus passenger stations.

Municipal Transportation Workers Industrial Union 540

All workers engaged in municipal, short distance transportation and telecommunication services.

Air Transport Workers Industrial Union 550

All workers employed in air service and maintenance.

Communications and Computer Workers Industrial Union 560

All workers engaged in telephone, telegraph, radio, television, satellite communication, and computer operation, including programming, and networking.

Email List:

IWW Members working in these industries are encouraged and invited to join the email list for Industrial Department 500 at


Be sure to also check out the following site (not an IWW site, but miantained by a group of transportworkers including some IWW members):