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Department 400 - Manufacture and General Production

Textile and Clothing Workers Industrial Union 410

All workers engaged in producing cloth from natural or synthetic fibers. All workers engaged in manufacturing wearing apparel.

Furniture Workers Industrial Union 420

All workers in planing mills and furniture factories. All workers engaged in producing wooden containers.

Chemical Workers Industrial Union 430

All workers engaged in producing drugs, paint, rubber, explosives, medicines, chemicals, plastics, synthetic fibers, and other chemically-based products.

Metal and Machinery Workers Industrial Union 440

All workers in blast furnaces, steel mills, aluminum plants, etc. All workers engaged in the production and repair of agricultural machinery, cars, locomotives, engines, automobiles, bicycles, air craft, and various instruments. Tool makers, jewelry and watchmakers.

Printing and Publishing House Workers Industrial Union 450

All workers engaged in producing printed matter.

Foodstuff Workers Industrial Union 460

All workers except agricultural and fishery workers, engaged in producing and processing food, beverages, and tobacco products.

Leather Workers Industrial Union 470

All workers in tanneries and factories producing leather goods, luggage, boots, and shoes.

Glass and Pottery Workers Industrial Union 480

All workers producing glass, chinaware, pottery, tile and bricks.

Pulp and Paper Mill Workers Industrial Union 490

All workers in pulp and paper mills engaged in making pulp, paper and paper containers.