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IWW Stands in Solidarity With Cambodian Garment Workers

The International Solidarity Commission of the Industrial Workers of the World sends its revolutionary greetings and solidarity to all the workers of Cambodia as they struggle against oppression, murder, and the everyday violence of low wages and overwork.

We are outraged by the murder of protesters in the streets on Friday, January 3rd, and hope for a day when the murderers will be held accountable by the workers themselves.

We stand in solidarity with the workers demanding higher wages, and urge workers to do everything in their power to prevent factories from moving equipment and materials out of the country.

Finally, we are saddened and repulsed by reports of anti-Vietnamese violence on the same night. We do not know that these acts were committed by garment workers, but ask that all of our fellow workers, throughout the world, reject the easy explanations of nationalism. Vietnamese workers are our class allies as workers from every nation or ethnic group are. As Cambodian workers rebel in Cambodia, Vietnamese workers are rebelling against their bosses by burning down a Samsung plant in Hanoi. The IWW encourages solidarity between Cambodian and Vietnamese workers. Let us direct our anger and our deserved hostility toward the bosses of our factories, who control our pay, and call the military to kill us.

In solidarity for the liberation of all people, everywhere.

Sammaki! (Solidarity)

Industrial Workers of the World
International Solidarity Commission