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IWW Greece: ‘In any case NO! We do not stop, We continue.’

The struggle for human emancipation, is a struggle against capitalism and every institution or policy assignment and split representation. The recent NO should not be left as a referendum victory of the "Greeks", but to mark the re-start of workers to continue and strengthen self-organization. The class struggle is the basic and sufficient condition not only to stop the capitalist attacks, but also the cohesive element that allows us to recall, the basic values of our class such as solidarity, direct action and companionship. In this context, on the occasion of 110 years since the founding of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) we invite you to the event discussion: "The working class and the employer class have nothing in common!" Timeliness of revolutionary syndicalism on July 18th, 8pm at Eutopia Workshop, Leonidou 62 & Thermopylae, Kerameikos.
Not to sigh for the history. But to learn from the past in order to organize the present, to emancipate the future.

Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
Regional Organizing Committee (GreROC)
[email protected]

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