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IWW General Executive Board Statement

By the IWW General Executive Board, November 22, 2015

The General Executive Board of the Industrial Workers of the World declares solidarity with the people standing up to the police state in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Black lives absolutely matter.

Standing up to the oppressive, murderous, and racist police occupation in north Minneapolis is just and we support it.

We stand in solidarity with everyone who stands up against oppression, and the racist violence of the police against people of color.

We pledge our solidarity with this struggle for justice and change that goes beyond reform. We pledge our solidarity with the people in north Minneapolis who deserve to live their lives without fear of being murdered by the police because of their economic status, where they live, or color of skin.

We stand in solidarity with protesters at the 4th Police precinct in north Minneapolis and stand in solidarity with the occupation until there is justice for Jamar Clark and the police are no longer a racist, classist, occupying army in north Minneapolis.

In solidarity and for total liberation,
-the Industrial Workers of the World General Executive Board