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Free Kansas City IWW Member Keith Brown El

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Keith has been arrested on purely fabricated charges...

Keith Brown El is a dear friend to many. He is an active member of Missouri Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants (CURE), the IWW, and the Ida B. Wells Coalition (IBWC,) as well as a volunteer programmer on 90.1 FM/KKFI's Jaws of Justice radio program and a tenacious advocate for homeless people and people in prison. Mr. Brown El has been imprisoned in Jackson County Detention Center since February 10th for a completely bogus weapon’s charge.

Keith is a well-respected community leader who works tirelessly on justice initiatives and is the epitome of the type of personality that the criminal justice system in the United States should seek to produce.

After 36 years in prison, Keith was finally released in 2008 and has been off parole for several years. He heads an organization in KCMO that advocates for the homeless and is a volunteer programmer on KKFI Community Radio’s Jaws of Justice program. He’s on the board of the Salvation Army and active in many community causes. Keith lives in a senior citizen apartment complex, where he is widely known for helping the older residents, taking them to doctor appointments and watching out for them. He helps unload the Harvest Truck and distributes food within the apartment complex.

Keith has a great compassion for people and all living things. He is highly intelligent with a powerful passion for justice. Keith cannot sit back and do nothing when he witnesses injustice.

For the last 2 years Keith has been Vice-Chairman of Missouri CURE, a prison reform organization, and a valuable member of the IWW’s local Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC) caucus in KCMO. He understands the prison system like few others and works very hard to make a difference in the lives of Missouri prisoners. He believes that if treated humanely, offenders will eventually return to society in a better frame of mind to lead an honest life.