Industrial Workers of the World

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The member-led, grassroots union that gets results.
Contact us to start organizing a union at your job.


Organizing for better conditions at work today and a better world tomorrow.

Fighting for effective mutual defense on the job as well as to negotiate and enforce collectively bargained contracts.
We place action in all of its forms at the heart of our union.

One Big Union

We organize workers across all industries. Building the power to win better conditions at work with the combined strength and support of the entire workforce, not just your profession.

Learn to organize

Our organizer training program helps give you the skills to start organizing a union at your job. We encourage all our members to be union organizers, not just a select few.


We are a democratic and volunteer-driven union so we — not union bosses — run things. Officers at your local branch are elected, not appointed from above.

Organizing Experts

Our Organizing Department will help you get started with organizing at your job, and you can count on our support in legal disputes with your employer.


Workers of the world, unite!

IWW members are organizing to win better conditions at work today and to build a better world tomorrow.

8000 +

8000 + Members in North America

73 +

General Membership Branches

100 %

Run by workers


Get a union at your job too

Organizing workers in all industries, including at:


Join the IWW

You don’t need to be already organizing with the IWW at your job to join and help build our union. Join today and connect to other workers in the IWW in your area’s closest General Membership Branch. You aren’t alone in the IWW!

Support workplace organizing campaigns
Be part of your local IWW community
Participate in union democracy
Be supported by other workers
Meet and learn from other workers
Access other resources
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