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IWW Gender Equity Committee

The Gender Equity Committee (GEC) supports the struggle for gender equity in our union, workplaces and the world at large. We welcome all wobblies to participate regardless of gender identity because an injury to one is an injury to all. Patriarchy, misogyny, sexism, and gender- and sexual-based violence are diametrically opposed to the elevation of the working class. These social issues are a plague on working people.

The GEC is comprised of five members of the union, who are elected each year at the IWW General Convention. We maintain contact with each other through an email list, which any member of the union is welcome to join.

Elected, voting members of the GEC as well as members of the email list aim to support fellow workers by sharing our experiences, resources, advice, ideas, brainstorming, direct action support and solidarity.

Because we recognize that our own union is sometimes the source of gender-based violence and inequity, we are here to seek out and/or offer resources for peer mediation, conflict resolution, anti-sexism training, literature, consent training, and direct actions. Our aim is to foster an atmosphere of inclusiveness in the labor movement and the IWW in particular.

The GEC is also responsible for administering the IWW Sato Fund in memory of Charlene “Charlie” Sato. The Sato Fund was started to aid IWW members who are women, genderqueer or trans* to attend important meetings, trainings, classes and workshops therefore elevating both the participation, ability and presence of non-cissexual (“cis”) male membership.

To get in contact with the GEC, or to find out how you can get involved, please email us at