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Survey and Research Committee

The Survey and Research Committee (SRC) consists of three members appointed by the General Executive Board. The purpose of the research committee is to develop analyses of organizing strategies and tactics and support local campaigns in their research needs.

Every two years the SRC publishes the results of a union wide survey on a topic related to organizing. The report both analyzes the results of the survey and makes recommendations based on its findings. Future topics of the survey might include: corridor campaigns, contract shops, solidarity unionism, understanding of what it means to be a member of the union, branch structure and operations. Julianna C. is leading this and can be reached at julianna at

The SRC is expanding its activities in 2014-15, and will focus on three projects, in addition to the biannual union-wide survey.

  1. Research 101 training. The SRC is developing training to empower and build -capacities within workers to re-claim areas of “knowledge-making” and power structure analysis that will aid in campaigns to directly confront and attack oppressive and unjust power systems in their workplaces. Kate D. is leading this effort. Contact her at kate at for more information or to get involved.
  2. National campaign research. The SRC is coordinating campaign research on the three national targets. The committee will create an online repository of research to share information and strategy across the union. Eric D. is leading this effort. Contact Eric at eric at for more information or to get involved.
  3. Industry research and sector analysis. The SRC will work with IWW industrial unions to map out trends in the industry. Yvonne Y. is leading this. Contact her at yvonne at