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IWW Endorses Occupy Wall Street

On behalf of our union, the General Executive Board of the Industrial Workers of the World sends our support and solidarity to the occupation of Wall Street, those determined to hold accountable our oppressors.

This occupation on Wall Street calls into question the very foundation in which the capitalist system is based, and its relentless desire to place profit over and above all else.

When 1% of the ruling class holds the wealth created by the other 99%, it is clear that the watchwords found in our union's preamble, "the working class and the employing class have nothing in common", ring true more than ever.?The IWW does not follow a business union model. We believe that the working class and the employing class have nothing in common and we don't foster illusions to the contrary.

Throughout the world, from Egypt to Greece, from China to Madison, Wisconsin, working class people are starting to rise up. The IWW welcomes this. We see the occupation of Wall Street as another step - no matter how large or small - in this process.


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We're in a unique

We're in a unique position, because of our own ideals and beliefs, to help keep sellout "unions" and other organizations from hijacking the purpose of OWS.

  The IWW ought to be a more visible, identifiable and audible presence at any and all OWS protests. Signs, flags, t-shirts... and mostly the presence and ideological experiene and history to help.

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  The IWW ought to be a more

  The IWW ought to be a more visible, identifiable and audible presence at any and all OWS protests. Signs, flags, t-shirts... and mostly the presence and ideological experience and history 

I have been at the occupy dc/october 2011 event all week some things I've learned
-try to wear pins and when possibile my shirt, This has started many conversations with folks who had heard of the IWW  also alowed me to easly meet out of town woblies
-The "very little red song books" are well loved, in a sea of info fliers people are genuinly happy to get them, they have also have led to some great sing alongs
-People have little knowledge of labor history, Open mics are a great time to tell a story like spokane
-I think we as an Org should add a donation button for ocupiers in wall street DC and wherever else, Food blankets etc. are needed at all sites and it would be fantastic outreach to give as a group



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 fellow workers,  as of right

 fellow workers, 

as of right now, the IWW and the Troublemaker's union have endorsed the occupation. The Afl-Cio has used it as an ad campaign, and are endorsing it themselves. a few moths ago we began a call for a general strike to call attention to the very things that these protesters are being arrested for trying to bring to the public eye. Saturday marked a world wide day of rage wit protest in every major US city, Italy, German Britain, and Asia. The momentum of this movement is building rather than waning. 

I am writing this comment to ask that we rekindle our call for a general strike in support of these brave men and women who are risking their lives to combat economic slavery. I strongly feel that it is time for labor to throw in with the protests rather than a particular party/ ideology, in an effort to tip the scales in favor of the working class and the most vulnerable segments of our society. I strongly feel that it is the mission and the responsibility of the One Big Union to both begin this trend. 

Please consider the call for a general strike both as a means to rally our ranks to help these protestors, but also as a mens to bring in other segments of labor behind this protest. Class War, which has long been bubbling under the smooth veneer of the capitalist system is bubbling to the surface. It is our, i feel, historic mission to ensur that this tension os brought to the fore of our social dialogue in an effort to create a new society in the broken shell of the capitalist system.

please forgive my vanguard statements and aggrandizing phrases. I speak from the heart. There is no struggle but class struggle, this much we know.  the question becomes, if not now when?


Rheuben Bundy 


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