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New York City GMB

General Membership Branch

  • 45-02 23rd Street Suite #2, Long Island City, New York 11101
  • E-Mail -
  • Phone - 917-740-5731
  • Branch Secretary - Pavel Mamontov, mamontov.pavel [at]
  • Online Newsletter -
  • Facebook Fan Page - Link
  • Twitter Page - Link

You can join the struggle of the NYC Foodstuff Workers!
Please write, fax, or call the bosses listed below and demand that they re-hire the fired workers and stop attacking the union. Bosses at the following shops have fired all union members:

  • Sunrise Plus Corp. (formerly E-Z Supply Corp.)
    Lester Wen
    Florence Wen
    48-01 Metropolitan Ave. Ridgewood, NY 11385
    Tel. 718-386-3600
    Fax 718-386-3170
  • Handyfat Trading
    Dennis Ho
    9 Thames St.
    Brooklyn, NY 11206
    Tel. 718-497-2177
    Fax 718-497-2527
  • Top City Produce Inc
    49 Division Place, Brooklyn, NY 11222
    Tel. 718-218-8026
    Fax 718-218-8094

Bosses at the following shops have threatened to fire all union members, and are harassing them, cutting their pay, and trying every dirty trick to crush the union:

  • Amersino Marketing Group, LLC
    Yu Q. “Henry” Wang
    Winnie Wang
    161 Gardner Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11237
    Tel. 718-821-3388
    Fax 718-497-9550
  • Giant Big Apple Beer Ltd.
    Sunny Paek
    32-31 57th St. Woodside, NY 11377
    Tel. 718-545-9400